Chair massage in at work

How chair massage can help your employees

Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida show that the benefits of chair massage appear quickly. Immediately after massage sessions, the chair massage subjects experienced a change in brain waves, via heightened alertness and better performance on math problems (completed in less time, with fewer errors). The completed five-week study proved subjects experienced reduced job stress as well as an improved mood. They also benefited from the commonly reported benefits of massage: decreased muscle tightness, an improved immune system, and a lot more energy.

This study is quite significant, considering the International Labor Organization stated in its 1993 World Labor Report that job stress costs the U.S. economy $200 billion annually through diminished productivity, compensation claims, absenteeism, health insurance, and direct medical expenses.

How chair massage is done at work

Chair Massage is performed using a specially designed portable massage chair that’s comfortable to sit in and gives the massage therapist easy access to a client’s neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. This seated chair approach to massage of bodywork was originally pioneered as ‘on-site massage’ for the workplace by David Palmer, who developed the first specialized massage chair in 1986. Since then chair massage has expanded into storefronts, health food stores, airports, airplanes, health fairs, convention centers, sporting events and other locations.

Because clients remain fully clothed and a chair massage session takes less time and less cost than full table massage, it has become a popular way to offer the benefits of professional massage to the general public. As an employee benefit, it has a positive effect on office morale.

Let’s face it. Sitting at a workstation for hours on end can cause muscle imbalance, nerve pressure and spinal strain. In fact, it can increase susceptibility to repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Chair massage can counteract the long term negative effects from sitting for hours in the same place. It reduces muscle tension and relieves muscle trigger points before they become a big issue by increasing circulation of blood and lymph. Your staff will also appreciate the break, and know care about their wellbeing!

A short, 15 minute massage to the upper body and hands will boost circulation, increase energy levels and help prevent problems. Chair massage corrects the circulatory problems that go with office work, and provides a welcome break for employees. Just sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a break for the eyes.

Chair massage at work increases productivity 

Another benefit of workplace massage is increased productivity and improved concentration and focus. Studies demonstrated that as few as 15-minutes of chair massage can help lower feelings of stress while improving job performance by increasing alertness and concentration.